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Turf Management Services

We recommend our Turf Management Services in combination with your Lawn Care Program for maximum lawn results.

Keeping your lawn looking its best takes more than fertilizer alone. We have the equipment and the expertise to take your lawn from dull and thin to lush and full. We pride ourselves on personalized customer service with attention to detail by taking the time to get to know our customers and going beyond their expectations. We offer our turf management services in combination with our lawn care programs or as individual services for hire.

Our Turf Management Services Are A Key Component To A Great Successful Lawn.

Recommended Turf Management:

  • Core Aeration - Core aeration is the mechanical process of removing core plugs that arelawn aeration a combination of thatch, grass and topsoil from the base of the lawn. This process improves the soil air exchange, water absorption, increases essential nutrient uptake and reduces lawn compaction. Aeration also helps to improve surface drainage, stimulates root growth and enhances thatch control. Our core aerator will pull core plugs to maximum depth of approximately three inches from your lawn. Core aeration can be performed throughout the growing season but is traditionally done and recommended in the fall when there is adequate soil moisture to provide for a solid core plug. Include over seeding after core aeration with new and improved turf type grass seed to make your lawn look full, lush and thick. We recommend core aeration and over seeding to be done in the fall for best results. Core aeration is one of the most important practices of lawn care and should be done annually to relieve compaction and maintain healthy lawn soils. 
  • Lime - Soils in our New England region are naturally acidic (low pH) due to acid rain and larger coniferous trees and therefore require annual maintenance liming applications. Lime neutralizes soil acidity by increasing the soil pH level of your lawn to achieve optimum growing conditions. Lime is recommended to be applied every year in the spring or fall.
  • Over seeding - Over seeding (Core Aeration) is the process of introducing new and improved turf type grass seed to your existing lawn to fill in thin areas and to thicken up your entire existing lawn. By introducing new turf type grass seeds into the existing lawn, you are increasing the overall turf density and improving the lawns insect and disease resistance characteristics. Over seeding can be done with minimal disruption in the spring or fall in combination with core aeration but is most successfully done and recommended in the fall when there is ample soil moisture, less weed competition and cooler temperatures.
  • Dethatching - Thatch is the mat of accumulated dead and living brown grass located at the base of your lawn. When this mat becomes too thick it does not allow sunlight, fertilizer and water to reach the root zone. Dethatching is the mechanical process used to remove the unwanted vegetation in the spring or fall. The thatch layer is removed with our rake tine machine that gently lifts the dead grass to the surface of the lawn which is then removed by using a vacuum bagger collection system.
  • Fungicide - Should you have a persistent disease problem we can apply a control fungicide to help lessen the stress to your lawn.
  • Soil pH Testing (Diagnostic Soil Lab) - Soil pH testing is a soil test that is used to check the pH of the top soil for acidity or alkalinity. Collected soil samples from your lawn are sent to a diagnostic soil lab testing facility. Your cool season lawn soil pH value should be in the 6.5 - 7 range to promote vigorous turf growth. Lawns that are below 6.5 can be acidic and will require corrective liming applications. We recommend soil testing if lime has not been applied on an annual basis, planning a renovation or installing a new lawn or the lawn shows signs of a pH problem.
  • Organic fertilizer - Organic fertilizers are available upon request.
  • Additional Fertilization - Keeps your lawn growing healthy and strong all season long.

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Tracy Thompson, AAS
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