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Enhance The Quality Of Your Soil Naturally!

The composition of your soil has a big impact on the quality and health of your lawn. Whether your lawn is an established lawn or newly planted, the grass depends on the nutrients it gathers from its root system.

Typically under many lawns there is only a thin layer of poor quality topsoil with either clay or sand underneath. These less than desirable soil conditions can lead to poor, thin lawns extremely proned to major stress from summer heat and drought.

Many homeowners think the only way to fix this condition is expensive - either a complete renovation or to bring in new weed infested topsoil. But there is a better way to rebuild your soil and it's completely organic!

Although a good nutrition program is essential for a healthy beautiful lawn, your lawn needs more than sunshine, water and fertilizer to thrive. Unlike fertilizers, which add nutrients to the soil, our premium organic granular vermi-compost modifies the condition of the soil in ways that affect the availability of plant nutrients that occur naturally or that are added by fertilizers and therefore can be used in conjunction with your normal lawn care fertilizing program.

Our premium organic granular compost is a proven, cost effective way to improve your soil and the overall quality and health of your lawn.




What Is Our Granular Compost?

It is homogeneously blended, pelletized organic compost comprised of rich vermi-humus, high levels of carbon and powerful bio stimulants like soluble humate. Safe for use on all types of lawns and contains no animal manures so it can be used with conventional fertilizers and seed for a complete soil health program.

How Does It Work?

Basically, the ultimate goal is to create a better soil environment for deep healthy roots. Healthy roots help a lawn withstand stress from drought, traffic, insects and disease.  Once applied over the surface of your lawn the powerful ingredients in our organic granular compost immediately begin to go to work feeding the soil biology and microbes, increasing the soil organic matter and increasing the soil nutrient capacity or (CEC). This results in much stronger grass roots that produce a thick green healthy lawn.

What Are The Benefits To The Lawn?

 Adds valuable organic stable carbon to the soil which provides a rich humus environment for microorganisms to thrive

 Improves soil structure & increases cation exchange capacity (CEC)

 Promotes the development of beneficial fungul organisms like protozoa in the soil

 Improves water retention

 Increased nutrient availability and uptake

 Helps relieve soil compaction & extends the root zone

Application Rates

• For new or difficult lawns to help kick start your soil, we recommend two heavy applications per year.

• For normal lawns as a biological enhancer, we recommend one to two light applications per year.

Combine our pelletized granular compost with over seeding and transform your lawn into the greenest lawn on the block.

Start rebuilding your soil today for a healthier, greener lawn tomorrow!

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