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Our organic lawn care program places emphasis on soil management and cultural practices that enhance turf growth. Our high quality organic fertilizer is made from 100% all natural organic ingredients that feed the soil to feed the turf.  We do not use any products that contain bio solids or other wise known as sewer sludge on your lawn. Our organic program is typically more expensive to perform than our traditional lawn care program, as synthetic fertilizer costs are generally less expensive than organic fertilizer. Our organic lawn care program also typically requires a greater level of time investment and patience.  Control products are chemical applications and are only applied if needed at customers request.

4 Organic Fertilizations (100% Organic)

Pelletized Lime

Soil Testing Required


Grub Control: We use an EPA approved minimum risk pesticide (25-b) product called Acelepryn.  Acelepryn has no known adverse effects on beneficial and non-target organisms while providing season long control.

What is a minimum risk pesticide?  Because the EPA has determined that certain minimum risk pesticides (25 b) pose little to no risk to human health or the environment, EPA has exempted them from the requirement that they be registered under the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act.  Therefore they do not have an EPA Registration number on the label.  However local state governments may require that minimum risk pesticide products be registered and therefore are subject to the regulations and licensing requirements governing pesticide use in that state.

Spot Treat Weeds: At clients request, we will spot treat unsightly weeds that have escaped like clover, ground ivy or dandelions using traditional herbicides on a limited basis. Additional charges may apply.


CORE AERATION: This important process uses hollow tines to remove core plugs up to a depth of three inches that are a combination of thatch, grass and topsoil from the base of the lawn and deposits them on top of the turf. The many benefits of core aeration as shown below helps to relief soil compaction while improving better absorption of water, oxygen and nutrients. In addition core aeration aids in root stimulation creating a deeper root system. We typically perform this service in the fall but it is possible to aerate in the spring under the right circumstances.

OVER SEEDING: Combined with core aeration, over seeding is a great way to help thicken up your existing lawn in the fall. Upon completion of core aeration we broadcast our proven premium select grass seed blend over the entire lawn. For best results watering the lawn after seeding is completed is recommended.

ORGANIC PELLETIZED SOIL CONDITIONER: For several years we had tried to find a spreadable pelletized soil conditioner product that we could apply to lawns that would give the benefits of bulk compost topdressing but without all the work to no avail. Recently we have found that product and are pleased to offer it in our additional specialized lawn care services. Like most organic products sold on the market today our organic pelletized soil conditioner is not without the expense. However once you get past the price sting the many benefits of adding this powerful biological amendment to your lawn are numerous. Made from all organic ingredients and contains no animal manures. It is a homogeneous and synergistic blend of advanced composts rich in organic matter, biologically available carbon sources, nutrient complexing agents and one of natures most powerful substances, soluble humate, which is a biologically active source of humic & fulvic acids. Once applied all these organic ingredients begin to go to work to help sustain your lawns health by stimulating the soil, feeding the soil microbes, increasing the soil organic matter and increasing the soil nutrient capacity.