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CORE AERATION: This important process uses hollow tines to remove core plugs up to a depth of three inches that are a combination of thatch, grass and topsoil from the base of the lawn and deposits them on top of the turf. The many benefits of core aeration as shown below helps to relief soil compaction while improving better absorption of water, oxygen and nutrients. In addition core aeration aids in root stimulation creating a deeper root system. We typically perform this service in the fall but it is possible to aerate in the spring under the right circumstances.

OVER SEEDING: Combined with core aeration, over seeding is a great way to help thicken up your existing lawn in the fall. Upon completion of core aeration we broadcast our proven premium select grass seed blend over the entire lawn. For best results watering the lawn after seeding is completed is recommended.

ORGANIC PELLETIZED SOIL CONDITIONER: Made from all organic ingredients and contains no animal manures. It is a homogeneous and synergistic blend of advanced composts rich in organic matter, biologically available carbon sources, nutrient complexing agents and one of natures most powerful substances, soluble humate, which is a biologically active source of humic & fulvic acids. Once applied all these organic ingredients begin to go to work to help sustain your lawns health by stimulating the soil, feeding the soil microbes, increasing the soil organic matter and increasing the soil nutrient capacity.

YELLOW NUTSEDGE CONTROL: Ever wonder what those fast growing lime green colored grass patches taking over your lawn is. Well its not grass at all. Its called yellow nutsedge and its actually a sedge plant. Most commonly found in marshes or open field areas has now adapted itself to your lawn and is extremely difficult to manage without a specialized herbicide product and a management plan in place. We can help control this nuisance weed with a customized treatment plan.

SECOND PRE-EMERGENT CRABGRASS TREATMENT: For superior longer lasting protection against crabgrass we can apply an additional pre-emergent crabgrass treatment in late spring.

The Many Benefits Of Lawn Aeration

Your lawn can't breathe. We can help by core aerating.

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