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Six Step Lawn Care Program 

We designed our lawn fertilization program specifically for the greater south western New Hampshire and Vermont. Our comprehensive six step lawn fertilization program consist of four properly timed premium slow release granular fertilization treatments.  Pre-emergent crabgrass control is included and is applied in the spring because the best defense against crabgrass is to stop it from sprouting.  Broad leaf weed control is included and is applied in liquid form to help clear out unsightly weeds like dandelions, clover and ground ivy.  Grub preventative treatment is applied in the early summer to protect your lawn from these sub surface invaders.  Pelletized lime treatment is typically applied in the fall but can be done basically anytime through out the growing season to help maintain a proper lawn soil pH value. Surface insects are included as needed. 

4 Premium Fertilizer Treatments (Includes 1-spring pre-emergent crabgrass control & broad leaf weed control)

1 Preventative Grub Treatment ​(Prevents destructive grubs from destroying your lawn) 

1 Annual Lime Treatment ​(Helps maintain proper soil pH

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The Grub

You may have uninvited guests in your lawn and not even know it. When left untreated these uninvited guests known as white grubs can severely destroy a lawn in a short amount of time. White grubs are found below the thatch layer in the soil and feed on your lawns grass roots. These turf destroying insects are the larvae of several bothersome beetles known in are area as the Japanese Beetle, European Chafer and the Oriental Beetle. To protect your lawn from these sub surface intruders, we apply a special grub preventative in the summer to give them the boot.

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I would highly use Thompson Lawn & Landscape, they go above and beyond.  Professional, courteous and reliable. When I hired Tracy he tested my soil and found out what was wrong.

Robin Smith  Keene, NH

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