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At Thompson Lawn & Landscape we know without question that one of the most important maintenance practices for cool season sports turf is a sound fertilization program.  A well planned and properly applied fertilization program produces a quality sports turf that is denser, enhanced darker green in color, increased turf vigor and better adapted to resist nuisance pests and other seasonal environmental stresses that come along.

We also know that native soil sports fields regularly come under heavy intense traffic stress as well from today's popular organized sports which can lead to a playing surface that is worn, compacted and most importantly unsafe for the athlete.  

Having a full stand of healthy, mature turf is the best defense.

By implementing our regularly scheduled agronomic management practices like fertilization, aeration over seeding and verticutting your sports turf will be in the best possible condition when its game time.

With our unique implement called an aera-vator we can handle aerating and over seeding acres of sports fields with minimal disruption so play can start immediately after were finished if need be.

With our state of the art verti cutter we can remove unwanted troublesome thatch from your sports fields quickly and efficiently.

At Thompson Lawn & Landscape we are fully licensed in the States of NH & VT to apply pesticide products to sports turf to control unsightly weeds, destructive insects and stubborn diseases.

If you have any questions about our sports turf services please give us a call.  We would be glad to discuss with you a sports turf program that meets your needs and your budget.

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